Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

Looking for some brilliant Christmas gift ideas for men? There is no need to stick to buying the predictable razor set or boxers and socks. There are plenty of awesome gift ideas that guys of all ages and tastes will love. Let us help you select the best ideas for 2012 with our list of most wanted gadgets and gizmo’s that are flying off the shelves.

christmas presents for men

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Here are some individual gift ideas….

  1. The iHelicopter is a phone controlled helicopter that makes full and complete use of the latest mobile phone technology. Using your phone or tablet it’s possible to control the incredibly cool helicopter using your touch screen or tilt controls. The helicopter comes with replacement parts, the transmitter and is ready assembled for fun straight out of the box.  All you need to do is give it a quick charge with the included cable and download the free app onto your iPhone or Android smartphone.
  2. The Solar phone charger gives your devices a quick boost when they need it most. This is the perfect present to buy any friend or family member who always seems to run out of battery charge. It works with loads of gadgets from MP3 players to mobile phones and allows you to charge your batteries without the need of connecting to an electrical supply.
  3. Wake up with a smile with the help of the Advance Sunrise Alarm Clock. There are no horrible loud beeps or annoying radio stations, just natural light and sounds of nature. This really is a remarkable way to start each day and is a much kinder wake up call. If you want to add the beep you can, but it’s much nicer to choose the sound of a waterfall or birdsong to compliment the simulated sunrise.
  4. Like to sing in the shower? The Tap shower radio is fully waterproof and can be stuck onto the tiles without any drilling involved. Listen to your favourite rapid stations on either FM or AM frequencies and relax while you wash away the dirt and stress of the day.  This is a gift that costs less than a fiver and it’s a winner.
  5. The Anot0Gravity Platform is a fantastic gift that will impress and amaze everyone that sees it. It uses its secret magic powers will make anything placed above the platform appear to fight gravity and float unaided. A real show stopper of a gift that would suit the home or the office.

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  1. Advance Sunrise Alarm Clock is a very good idea, hope the light will be warm.

  2. I’m interested in how it works, any more details?

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