Think Gizmos Bumper cars

The TG637 bumper car kit is a fun family game of RC mayhem for kids and adults!
We were looking for some remote controlled cars for my children recently and we found this product from Think Gizmos that ticked all the boxes, small and easy to store, not overly expensive, the controllers are designed well enough that my son who is three is able to control the bumper car easily without taking his hands off the controller to use the analogue sticks and as an added bonus, when you drive one car into the other ones side the rider fly’s off which has caused more than one uncontrollable laughing episode in my living room – both from the kids and the adults.

The bumper cars themselves are made from nontoxic plastic, because of this they are very durable and both have a cool colour scheme so you know which one you are controlling. If you find that one car is drifting slightly to either left or right, there is a trim dial that you can adjust to correct any variance.
The way the controller is designed makes it easy for everyone to operate and responds well to the inputs that it is given and seems to be quite sparing on battery life.

You get two bumper cars in the box alongside the people to ride them, a controller for both and a set of batteries so you can unbox and get straight to playing with this toy which is a nice touch from Think Gizmos.

My kids where thoroughly entertained for a few hours, and when I finally got to have a go I could see why, I am now tempted to buy an additional set as the controllers operate using a 2.4Ghz signal which means that you can use as many of these awesome toys as you like with no controller issues.
I can see a bumper car tournament in the very near future!

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