TG916 Portable Table Top Dishwasher

Building a Tiny home? Looking for something that is efficient and simple to wash your dishes whilst also needing to fit in a small space? Think Gizmos Portable Dishwasher is ideal for you. With building and renovating tiny houses becoming such a trend, miniature and portable versions of the typical large and heavy machines are being created, allowing you to reap the benefits of living in a typical sized home in a cosy tiny house.

What is it

The TG916 Portable Dishwasher from Think Gizmos is a compact and super machine, perfect for people who are looking for the bliss of having a dishwasher but needing it to be smaller to fit in a smaller space.

The dimensions of the Dishwasher without the Water Tank are 44×41.3×42.4cm (17.3×16.2×16.7 Inches) and 45.4×41.3×49.1cm (17.9×16.2×19.3 Inches) With the Water Tank attachment. Being compact doesn’t mean it can’t wash a decent amount though. The dishwasher basket fits up to 3 place settings of tableware and cutlery. As part of this, there is also a utensil basket which is removable and helps you to organise your dishes with ease.

The dishwasher is simple to ease and has 5 different cleaning programmes (listed below) for all your dirty dish needs!

ECO: Combined wash and dry cycle – 145min Wash & Dry Cycle

Normal: Standard cleaning cycle for everyday dishwashing – 60min Wash

Intensive: Suitable for harder to clean dishes with dried on dirt – 120min Wash

Quick: Lightly Soiled quick wash – 35min Wash

Glass: Perfect for temperature sensitive plastics and glasses – 90min Wash

The Portable Dishwasher will also automatically go into drying mode which is handy as you don’t have to keep checking on when it’s finished washing to set it to dry. Once the drying is finished, you can leave the dishes for 24 hours as the dishwasher will enter preserve mode, helping to avoid any nasty smells and mildew building up.

Review from Amazon

“Easy to set up, light to move around, quiet and does a great job.”

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