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Microfiber Dish Towels

Jun 02, 21 Microfiber Dish Towels

These microfiber dish towels are brilliant! Super absorbent and easy to clean making them the perfect thing to buy for a busy kitchen.  Coming is multiple colours means that they can slot seamlessly into and design of kitchen you may have.


The towels come in a massive pack of 8 meaning amazing value for money!


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Jun 02, 21 TG702/702-B

Whether you are looking for a more colourful more child friendly take on the classic game of whack a mole, or possibly you just have a strong dislike for frogs, the Think Gizmos Whack a Frog is the product for you!

What is it? Whack a frog is exactly what it sounds like, its whack a mole but with frogs. Aimed at improving hand eye coordination in children while allowing them to have a great time, this toy can be enjoyed by anyone in the family over the age of 3. This toy has multiple game modes that all increase in difficulty as you play, totaling 38 different levels meaning the fun can last even longer! This game includes both lights and sounds to add to the experience, with the sounds being available in 5 different languages! This product comes in the colours of both green and blue.

What’s included? The box includes the game board and two different sized hammers, meaning hands of all sizes can get involved and play. Batteries are also included so you can get started playing right away!

Personal Review of the Game: We loved playing this game due to the mix of fun and competitiveness. The varying game modes and speeds of the levels kept the experience fun and fresh. Being able to enjoy this game with others made playing it even more fun, although it can be easily enjoyed by yourself!

Where can I buy this? This product is available in all the usual places such as Amazon and Ebay. It can also be found on Onbuy and can be purchased from the Think Gizmos website at a cost of £24.95.

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Top christmas Gift ideas For Men This Holiday Season > Mini Quadcopter

Oct 01, 13 Top christmas Gift ideas For Men This Holiday Season > Mini Quadcopter

If you want to see lots of christmas presents for men from amazon then see here.

Thinking up unique Christmas Ideas For Men can be difficult. A lot of men say they aren’t bothered about their gifts, when what they really want is something really cool and unique. Something like a mini quadcopter that provides hours of fun. All the men in our offices have tried and tested tonnes of gadgets to make sure we are able to supply you with gifts that we know men really want this Christmas. Our offices are filled with Christmas gift ideas for men, great gadgets and gizmo’s that we now can’t live without. Take the mini fridge for example.


It’s not just a run of the mill fridge; it’s got a great capacity so it can hold all our drinks and lunches for the day. It looks totally awesome and it works like a charm. One of the best toys that we cannot put down is the ihelicopter. This has only just had its worldwide launch so we have it on our website at an incredible price. The deal won’t last forever though so come and check it out before it’s gone.


Buying Christmas Gift Ideas For Men can be a real pain. If you are trying to find some unique gift ideas this year, and want to avoid the typical razors and socks ideas, come and visit our store. We have selected the best gadgets and gifts for him and we know you will find something that he is just going to love. Let’s face it; most guys love to use the latest technology to have a laugh with. Paramount Zone is filled with some incredible ideas which will make any man happy on Christmas morning. Some of our favourite gift ideas for this year is the amazing ihelicopter, the mini racing kart, sunrise alarm and the robot vacuum. For all these gifts and more come and check out our website. Our prices start from just 99p meaning there are incredible gifts for every budget. We can deliver your goods within one or two days so get ahead of your Christmas shopping today!


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Funny Gifts For Men That Will Impress Your Boyfriend This Christmas

Oct 01, 13 Funny Gifts For Men That Will Impress Your Boyfriend This Christmas

There are some many different Christmas Gifts For Boyfriends on our website that we know you will find something perfect for the man in your life. Recently I was trying to find funny gifts for men and I came accross this website called

Whether you are looking for something weird and wonderful, fun and educational or the latest high tech gadget for 2011, you will not be disappointed. To help you find something for your man we have a great section dedicated to boyfriends of all ages. It doesn’t matter how big or small your budget is, Paramount Zone has amazing gadgets and gift ideas for all. Some of our favourite gifts for 2011 include the touchscreen digital golf score card which is the perfect gift for golfers who love to stay up to date with the latest sporting technology. Beer drinkers may get a kick out of our Mr Beer refill packs and the wannabe movie maker will just love the mini camcorder which is less than £20 right now!

I also found these fun gifts on Amazon:

Looking for Christmas Present Ideas? We can help you find the ideal gift for everyone in your family. We have some fantastic gift ideas, and to help you we have collected together easy to read lists of the best gifts and gadgets available on our site. 2011 has been a year of digital revolution and at Paramount Zone we have worked hard to find the best high tech gadgets available on the market today. There are over 300 gift ideas just waiting for your perusal all at fantastic prices and available for delivery within 1 to 2 days. Our website is crammed packed full of affordable gadgets which will really impress. For the mobile phone enthusiast we have the i-Helicopter which is one of our top selling must have gifts for Christmas 2011. Or how about the blood donor shower gel for the horror movie fan. Christmas presents do not need to cost a fortune to be really impressive however, we have loads of high scale gift ideas for those with larger pockets.

European Sources For Fun Gifts:

iHelicopter Lightspeed Android gesteuerter iHelikopter

Sonnenaufgang Wecker Naturgeräusche

iHelicopter piloté iPhone et Android

Mini hélicoptère

Estación Meteorológica Inalámbrica

Helicopter Teléfono Controlado


Helicopter Telefono-Controllato i Elicottero

Stazione Meteorologica Wireless

Funny gadgets videos:



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Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriends

Sep 29, 12 Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriends

Want to show your boyfriend how cool you can be? Treat him this year to the best gadget possible by choosing one of these fantastic gadgets for boyfriends. He will not fail to be impressed and will be the envy of all his mates for having the best girlfriend out of all of them. Check out these awesome gadgets, all of which can be found easily online and delivered to your home within a couple of days. This post has some great Christmas presents for boyfriends ideas for 2012.

  1. If your man is obsessed with his smartphone and lives to have the latest model treat him to the iHelicopter. The Lightspeed is the best helicopter that uses mobile phones or tablets like the iPad instead of a remote control. It’s small, works perfectly and is compatible with all sorts of mobile phones ranging from the iPhone to the latest Android handsets.  Everything you need comes in the box; you just have to tell him to download the free app after he has opened his fantastic gifts.
  2. Some guys seem to love spending time sitting on the toilet. If your man is one of these treat him to the Slam Dunk Toilet Basketball. The hoop can be attached easily to the wall or back of the door and your guy can practice his skills as he goes about his business. It’s a funny gift that is a lot of fun and won’t fail to raise a smile on Christmas morning and every time he heads into the bathroom.
  3. The remote control Chinook cargo transport helicopter is an amazing looking gadget. This is the must buy gift for guys that love remote control toys or playing first person shooters on their games console.  Once your guy has mastered the controls he can impress his mates with his skills.  The Chinook also looks fantastic as a model or ornament when not in use.
  4. The Half Yard glass comes with an attractive stand and is a brilliant gift idea for the boyfriend that enjoys his beer.  The half yard is fun for parties or can be used as a novelty glass at any time. The half yard glass can easily hold up to 23 ounces of beer and is hand crafted to ensure it’s of the finest quality.
  5. If your man prefers a glass of spirits as a nightcap the Spirit Head Decanter is a brilliant choice. Designed to look like a skull the decanter looks amazing when filled with Whisky, Rum or their favourite tipple.

A site that has some cool christmas presents for boyfriend ideas is, so check it out for some unique ideas. Merry Christmas!

Useful Wiki Links:

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Sep 29, 12 Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Stocking fillers are great for children. They love to open loads of gifts, but more often than not the stocking filler gifts get overlooked within days. This year why not buy some affordable stocking fillers that will be loved and enjoyed all year round.  To help you we have put together a list of brilliant gifts that can be found easily online. This post has some nice stocking fillers for boys ideas:

  1. The turbo top costs just £2.50.  The cool toy can be wound up to start a stunning light show that is switched on at the touch of the button. It has 2 laser lights attached to the outside and provides hours of fun with sound effects, whizzing and impressive lightshows.
  2. The flashing LED glass is another great little gift idea that costs less than £3. The glass is made from safe plastic and has a little switch on the bottom that turns the stunning LED lights on and off for an awesome effect. There are red, yellow, blue and orange LED lights inside and a battery that can be replaced.
  3. Have a Star Wars fan in the house? The Mini Lightsaber is a must if you do. It costs just £12.99 and is a scale model of the double ended lightsaber used by Darth Maul. This is a gift for children aged 6 and up and comes with a complete guide on how the LED technology works to make the lightsaber glow.
  4. Fed up of your child staying indoors all the time? Encourage your youngsters to get outside and start enjoying playing in the fresh air with the wooden archery set. For £9.99 you get a great set that contains a bow and some safe arrows designed for children aged 5 years and up. Beautifully constructed this is a brilliant gift that may see your child put down their video games and start making use of the garden for a change.
  5. Water bombs are always loads of fun so the £3.99 water bomb grenade is a brilliant choice for Christmas stockings. Included in the pack are 150 water balloons designed to be easy to tie up.  They are designed in a bright yellow grenade design so if you see them heading your way you’ll know to quickly move out the way!

There are loads of brilliant gift ideas online. Find amazing ideas and make this year the best yet with stockings bursting full of awesome gifts your children will really love.

NEWS: Paramount Zone have just released their christmas presents for kids range 2012, so check it out now.

Please make a donation to this great christmas charity for kids:


For 2013: If you want to get me a gift then see this wishlist and this one as well: wish2.


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Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls

Shopping for your sister your mum or your best friend? Want to think outside the box and buy a gift that will not fail to impress? It can be so easy to buy a typical gift like a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine but the best gifts are those that will last for more than a night or two.


There are so many great and unique gift ideas out there and what’s more fantastic is you can find creative gadgets that won’t cost you a fortune. So whether you’re shopping for your girlfriend or your gran check out these must have Christmas gifts for her 2012.

The Photo Lover

We all know someone that is obsessed with photos. They take loads on their phones, upload images to their social networks and the walls in their homes are littered with photos of friends and family. There are some excellent gifts to buy for the photo lover including:

  • The Digital Film Scanner for £59.99 – Know someone with loads of old fashioned 35mm slides that were never processed? This is the perfect gadget that can transfer the images trapped on those slides into digital prints. It’s so simple to use and transfer the pictures into jpegs on your computer. From there it’s possible to have them printed off, edit and share them online.
  • The rotating photo cube stores six digital images that are stored on the rotating cube. It allows the owner to display their favourite images in a cool device that takes up very little space. This is a brilliant little gift and only costs £4.99.
  • For super cool photo captures treat the iPhone 4 owner to the Mini Microscope for just £19.99. The microscope fits onto the lense and allows for remarkable images to be taken. The microscope gets so close that even everyday objects will look completely recognisable.

Girlie Girls

Some girls love to embrace their feminine side, so pick one of these gifts to put in their stocking this year:

  • The Heart Shape Coin Counter costs £4.99. The cute pink heart has a clever counter that is able to recognise all of the coins in the UK. A great gift for a child or young teen looking to save up to see their favourite band in concert or to buy th
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