Christmas Gift Ideas 2012

Sep 29, 12 Christmas Gift Ideas 2012

Finding it hard to know what to buy your friends and loved ones this Christmas? There are always a few people who seem really hard to please. With so much choice out there it can difficult to know what gifts to buy, but it helps to know what are tipped as the best sellers and must have gifts for 2012. Here are five of the best gadgets that are proving to be hot sellers this festive season.

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christmas present ideas 2012

Best Gift Ideas for Christmas 2012

  1. Gyro Zoomer Remote Control Helicopter – The 11cm long helicopter works fantastically.  It can fly in all directions and even beginners can quickly master the controls. It’s perfect for anyone aged 8 or up and it costs less than £20! This is the smallest remote control helicopter in the world and weighs only 8g!
  2. Projector Alarm Clock – This is a feature packed alarm that looks fantastic in any setting. The projector allows you to see the time on your walls or ceiling in a red light that will not disturb your partner while they sleep.  It’s more than just a clock though; it’s a gadget that will let you see the weather predictions for the day too with the inbuilt barometric pressure, hygrometer and thermometer.
  3. WiFI Bathroom scales are the perfect present for the fitness fanatic in your family. These don’t just tell your weight; they can be used in conjunction with a free downloadable app on your smartphone to help you stay on top of your fitness regime wherever you may be.  These are the perfect scales to allow you to monitor your weight gain or weight loss effectively along with your body mass index.  Set your goals and be inspired with the latest technology. There is also a privacy setting so you can keep your entire data private from the rest of the household if you so desire.
  4. The Spy Clock really is remarkable. If you are concerned about your privacy you can use the smart clock to keep a watchful eye out for any unwanted activity in any room you wish. The clock has a hidden camera that is triggered when it senses movement in the room. You can set the camera to take still images or start recording a video that you can watch when you get back. The Spy Clock has been elegantly designed.


If you are still stuck for christmas presents ideas for 2012, check out the paramountzone website:  Happy Xmas!

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