Zephyr Motorcycle Seat Cushion- Christmas Idea for the Bikers in the your family

Nov 01, 22 Zephyr Motorcycle Seat Cushion- Christmas Idea for the Bikers in the your family

Do you have anyone in your family that has a love of bikes? Thinking ahead to Christmas? Take a look at the Think Gizmos Zephyr Motorcycle Seat Cushion. It’s been designed to be a Universal Motorbike cushion. You fill the cushion with air and then attached it to your bike seat using the straps and the pump provided.

In the box you get everything you need for assembly and installation. The small but practical pump means you can inflate without too much effort and know that it fits the cushion if you need to inflate at a later stage. The air can be easily removed from the seat cushion if you would like to store the seat when not in use/ if your not using the bike for a while.

What is the Seat Cushion Made from?

Made of Lycra elastic fabric, the motor cycle air inflatable seat cushion has a nice and soft feel to it. Due to it’s design it keeps it’s shape perfectly and contains no deformations. In order to prevent the air cushion from slipping, it is fixed with high elasticity double bandages which are included in the box. The bottom of the air cushion is also designed with unique anti-slip particles for more restraint and stability.

Where to Buy

Currently available on Amazon or direct from the Think Gizmos website. Retailling at £37.99.



Order one today and tick one present off your Christmas Shop list!

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