Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Sep 29, 12 Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Stocking fillers are great for children. They love to open loads of gifts, but more often than not the stocking filler gifts get overlooked within days. This year why not buy some affordable stocking fillers that will be loved and enjoyed all year round.  To help you we have put together a list of brilliant gifts that can be found easily online. This post has some nice stocking fillers for boys ideas:

  1. The turbo top costs just £2.50.  The cool toy can be wound up to start a stunning light show that is switched on at the touch of the button. It has 2 laser lights attached to the outside and provides hours of fun with sound effects, whizzing and impressive lightshows.
  2. The flashing LED glass is another great little gift idea that costs less than £3. The glass is made from safe plastic and has a little switch on the bottom that turns the stunning LED lights on and off for an awesome effect. There are red, yellow, blue and orange LED lights inside and a battery that can be replaced.
  3. Have a Star Wars fan in the house? The Mini Lightsaber is a must if you do. It costs just £12.99 and is a scale model of the double ended lightsaber used by Darth Maul. This is a gift for children aged 6 and up and comes with a complete guide on how the LED technology works to make the lightsaber glow.
  4. Fed up of your child staying indoors all the time? Encourage your youngsters to get outside and start enjoying playing in the fresh air with the wooden archery set. For £9.99 you get a great set that contains a bow and some safe arrows designed for children aged 5 years and up. Beautifully constructed this is a brilliant gift that may see your child put down their video games and start making use of the garden for a change.
  5. Water bombs are always loads of fun so the £3.99 water bomb grenade is a brilliant choice for Christmas stockings. Included in the pack are 150 water balloons designed to be easy to tie up.  They are designed in a bright yellow grenade design so if you see them heading your way you’ll know to quickly move out the way!

There are loads of brilliant gift ideas online. Find amazing ideas and make this year the best yet with stockings bursting full of awesome gifts your children will really love.

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